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Thank you

Beloved souls out there!
We wanted to thank every donor again from the bottom of our hearts.
Your generosity and moral support are just incredible!
Especially the numerous amounts of positive and personal wishes touched us deeply and gave us so much confidence and strength.
What a powerful spirit just at the right time!
Simply wow!

We’re both incredibly happy and words can hardly express how grateful we are. Not only made this fundraiser so much possible, it probably saved Steffens life. Miracles do happen!

Enclosed a short update on the current state of Steffens cancer:
Luckily we´ve found a very experienced holistic oncologist who works with alternative medicine. He managed to stop the dramatic spread of tumor cells in Steffens blood.
Since day 10 of the treatment the tumor load is decreasing slow but constantly. Every day Steffen is starting to feel a little bit better. Though now discipline, patience and baby steps are necessary to cope with the damage the last chemotherapy has caused and also to get back to a normal condition. We will keep going, stick together - we can do this!

This might only be interesting for musicians - drummers in particular ;-)- but Steffen wanted at least somehow show his gratitude by recording a play through video of the single “Prema” when his treatment was paused. Have fun watching!

In deep connection and huge gratefulness, lots of LOVE!
Elly,Steffen & MSK


Dear beloved friends and fans,
in the name of Steffens wife Elly, we ask for your help as friends and band!
As you know Steffen has been struggling for more than three years with severe cancer. During this time he and his wife made their ways nearly without any help. They made the biggest effort fighting against this unpredictable monster, by being brave, having strength and positivity. It has been a challanging time - even financially.
To allow unavoidable medical treatments to be urgently done they would need additional private payments that they can´t afford anymore.
If you like to help please follow the link and donate what ever you like.
Lots of love
MSK, Elly & Steffen
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Gigs cancelled

Dear friends and fans,
with a heavy heart we have to inform you that for now we won’t be able to play more shows/festivals this year.
Sadly our drummer Steffens cancer urgently needs more medical treatment.
We hope to see you again at some point 2023 with more new gathered strength and hearts full of joy!
Lots of love
Pic: Falk-Hagen Bernshausen


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