Brandon |

I just discovered your music today. I'm blown away. Love it! If you ever tour the US, I'm there.


David |

I am so anxious to see you guys next week in Darmstadt. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to see you all live. Hope we get a chance to meet and have a beer. Have fun and see you Friday.


Finnigan |

Italy miss you. You are a true inspiration for my music and sound, Matthias' tone is probably the best one i've heard in many years.


Anirudh Gupta |

Hey Guys!! I'm from India and really loving your shows...
All your albums are extreme psychedelics...
Can you please try an India tour...


Víctor González |

On this side of the world there are also fans of the band !! When they toured in Latin America !! ?? Especially Argentina !!!!!!

Por este lado del mundo también hay fanáticos de la banda!! Cuándo hacen una gira por América Latina!!?? En especial a Argentina!!!!!!


Matthew |

hey guys! i was living in germany for 4 years and as soon as i move away i discover MSK! seriously guys my girlfriend and i are losing our shit over this music, so inspiring and has hit the nail on the head for what iv been listening to lately. cheers guys! we'll be trying to hit up one of your shows in the near future for sure.


Simon |

Thank you so much for having played in Bourlon ; I'm so glad of finally having seen MSK on stage : great music, great band !

Thank you and keep it up !



Andreas |

hab euch leider in der Arena verpasst und am nächsten Samstag 02.07 keine Zeit, freue mich euch in Zukunft doch noch mal zu sehen in Österreich.

LG aus der Heimat von Napalm Records


Steve |

Wow - soeben Ahimsa entdeckt! Großartiger Sound und fantastische Stimmung! Perfekt! Neuer Fan! Punkt. :-)


Diogo Fernandes |

Just a word of appreciation for your art, its so great!
Keep spreading the sonic love to us all, hope to see u in Portugal more times!