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Dear friends,
as promised, here´s the video for our new single "Mukti" from our upcoming album "Atma", out on July 29.
In times when the majority of news seems to be negative, everyone can decide where to focus the attention. A universal law says that energy always follows attention. By directing our attention towards positive things, we can take the energy away from the negative. This is the way that each individual is able to make a small contribution to healing.
"Mukti" means liberation, letting go, experience of the highest peace and points exactly to this possibility of choice.
Hope you enjoy it and thank you again all you wonderful people for your massive support !!!
Much Love,

Mukti Teaser

on June 28, 2022 we will release our second single called "Mukti".
Stay tuned

Matte, Steffen, Seppi, Norman


Dear friends,
here´s a brief reminder:
Our new album "Atma" is comming out on July 29, 2022. You can preorder it in our shop.
“Atma”, or “Atman” is a Sanskrit word that refers to the (universal) Self, or self-existent essence of individuals, as distinct from ego, mind and embodied existence.
The album is about the story of humankind – from a spiritual point of view. The cover artwork depicts the end of this story, where humanity turned the corner and managed to live in harmony with its spirituality and with nature again. Ganesha stands for this newly awakened human spirit, which frees the world and itself from its crust of egoism, self-destruction, cruelties, and (inner and outer) wars.

All the best
Matte, Steffen, Seppi, Norman


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