New Album

*** New Album "Atma" + Music Video For First Single "Prema"
Dear friends,
today we are happy to finally share some great news with you.
Our new album "Atma" will be released on July 29 and pre order starts now and here:
marbled blue edition in msk webstore:
glow in the dark edition in sol webstore:
Many of you know about our difficulties in the last years and honestly we never thought this record would see the light.
"Atma" is our deepest and most emotional album and it surely would have not been possible without your endless support throughout the years.
We will give you more detailed info about the album, concept, videos , artwork one after another.
Now enjoy our music video for the first single "Prema".
Steffen - Matte - Seppi - Norman
Artwork by the one and only Sebastian Jerke