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Mukti Teaser

on June 28, 2022 we will release our second single called "Mukti".
Stay tuned

Matte, Steffen, Seppi, Norman


Dear friends,
here´s a brief reminder:
Our new album "Atma" is comming out on July 29, 2022. You can preorder it in our shop.
“Atma”, or “Atman” is a Sanskrit word that refers to the (universal) Self, or self-existent essence of individuals, as distinct from ego, mind and embodied existence.
The album is about the story of humankind – from a spiritual point of view. The cover artwork depicts the end of this story, where humanity turned the corner and managed to live in harmony with its spirituality and with nature again. Ganesha stands for this newly awakened human spirit, which frees the world and itself from its crust of egoism, self-destruction, cruelties, and (inner and outer) wars.

All the best
Matte, Steffen, Seppi, Norman

Freak Valley cancellation

we are soo sorry - but we need to cancel the Frea Valley. Our Bassplayer is sick with high fever and can not do this gig.
Again - we are very sorry for the confusion. Have fun and hope to see ya soon.

All the best
Matte, Steffen, Seppi, Norman


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12.08.2022 Kortrijk Alcatraz Festival
30.07.2022 Hamburg Gruenspan
03.07.2022 Viveiro Resurrection Festival
13.08.2022 Moledo Sonic Blast Festival
15.07.2022 Erfurt Stoned from the underground


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